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Security, is Cambodia safe?

Although the area had been a Khmer Rouge stronghold in the 1970s, Angkor is an incredibly safe and convenient destination. Happily, the Khmer Rouge regime came to an end in 1979 and is no longer a threat to the public. Siem Reap is, in fact, one of the safest destinations in Southeast Asia but this […]

Siem Reap beyond Angkor... Worth a visit?

How long should we stay in Cambodia? We highly recommend staying a minimum of 4 days, with 3 days to witness the archaeological sites, landscapes, and culture, plus a day of leisure activities. Tickets to visit the temples for a day costs $37, 3 days for $62 (valid 10 days), and 7 days for $72 […]


Eating good, healthy food is so important. That’s why street food is everywhere! One of the first questions we ask when we greet people is “How are you, have you eaten yet?”. Let us introduce you to some of our favorite Cambodian snacks and meals in our After Dark Food Tour with answers to your […]

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