Born in Siem Reap province during the time Pol Pot was in power. Even with a tough beginning when schools were not available, she made her life successful …​

Her Grandfather

Loung Sake her grandfather was the Chief Monk (Grand Abbot) of the entire Angkor complex.
Akim Grandfather

Early start

This is where Akim lived. Even if it is not the custom for a girl to be raised by monks it was decided to shave her head and pretend that she was a boy. Through this very unusual approach, she enjoyed the privilege of living in the Wat Angkor Kang Chuong (Angkor Wat Pagoda). Under the guidance of her Grandfather and other monks at Angkor, Akim learned to read and speak the sacred Pali language. She can until today recite the bamboo scroll scriptures, hold elaborate prayers, and follow sacred rites.


During this period, Akim had somehow a nice time. One of her best friends is the Preserver God Vishnu. Also during the rainy season, her pool was transferred from the front pond of Angkor Wat to its top floor. After 5 years of living in the pagoda, suspicion raised as she could no longer pretend to be a boy. Gradually schools became available, but far away in town. Therefore she had to cycle the many miles every day to get as much education as they could afford at the time.
Sunset view


Starting to work at thirteen in one of the only restaurants in town. She learned to run it the hard way. Once again, even if life was harsh, she met a nice couple, who let her learn and gain knowledge. Then, 3 years later, she set up her first business with a restaurant facing Angkor Wat. Working from 5 a.m till 7 p.m. and then running to her English lesson to improve her education


The life of Akim and her family always centered around Angkor, but in 2000 she left Cambodia. Where she joined her husband Chris in Vietnam. In 2013 they moved back to Siem Reap and founded the Vespa Adventures Siem Reap tour company …

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