Siem Reap Countryside by Electric Mountain Bike




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$ 93

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You can ditch the normal tourist options and see a different side of Siem Reap on an Electric Mountain Bike with local guides!


You want to escape the crowds and see the real Cambodia, right?

This tour is all about getting off the beaten path and experiencing rural Cambodian life. You’ll see how people live and work in the countryside, from collecting sugar palm juice to trying exotic fruits. Our guides will show you a hidden temple and tell you all about Cambodian history and culture.

Plus, you’ll get a delicious traditional lunch at a private farm with beautiful views. Our expert guides and drivers will take care of everything, so you can just relax and enjoy the ride (with a refreshing breeze!).

This is your chance to make unforgettable memories in Cambodia!


↣ 8 am pick up at your hotel

↣ First stop at a local farm

↣ Discover a local traditional pharmacy

↣ Stop at a local market and experience the true Khmer spirit

↣ Experience the water hyacinth handicraft house, where you’ll witness skilled women crafting artisanal products

↣ Embark on a journey to a pagoda for sightseeing, a meaningful blessing ceremony

↣ Delightful lunch and drinks at a private farm picnic surrounded by rice field

↣ See the sticky rice bamboo and visit a family to immerse yourself in their traditional practices and lifestyle

↣ By 2 pm, we drop you back at your hotel


↣ English speaker tour guide

↣ Giant Electric Mountain Bike

↣ All inclusive

↣ Typical Khmer lunch

Key points

↣ Every day starts at 8 AM.

↣ Start from your hotel.

↣ Drop off at your hotel.

↣ This tour is perfect to learn about Khmer life.

↣ This is not a shopping tour 😉


A truly unique and authentic morning experience

Embark on a journey beyond Siem Reap’s tourist hub with our electric mountain bike exploration. Cruise through the stunning countryside beneath the iconic Angkor Wat, unveiling a vibrant tapestry of local life.

Escape the tourist crowds and delve into the heart of Cambodia’s countryside morning life. Engage with Cambodians and gain insights into their daily lives, witnessing firsthand how they make a living in rural areas. Our morning tour provides a rare glimpse into the extraordinary rural life of Cambodia, far away from the conventional tourist routes. Discover one of the best activities in Siem Reap, away from the well-trodden path.

Experience countryside morning life

Delve into the daily life of rural Cambodia. From observing the gathering of sugar palm juice to sampling exotic local fruits, our knowledgeable guides will introduce you to locals and provide a unique glimpse into Khmer life. As we journey through the historic heart of Cambodia, we invite you to witness an ongoing restoration of a remarkable temple, a captivating remnant of the Khmer Empire. Concluding the tour, we’ll bring you to our private farm, where you’ll savor a traditional Khmer lunch with refreshing drinks while soaking in the idyllic countryside view.

Expert guides

Rest assured, you’ll be accompanied by our team of professional tour guides who are passionate about sharing their in-depth knowledge of Cambodia’s history and culture. Ensuring your comfort and safety throughout the journey, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the experience.

Spiritual encounters at a Siem Reap pagoda

Dive into the heart of Khmer spirituality with our exclusive Pagoda Pitstop. Riding our amazing electric moutain bike, we guide you off the tourist trail to a breathtaking pagoda, offering a unique insight into local traditions and a Buddhist blessing.

Countryside revelations: e-mtb adventures into Khmer culture

Venture deeper into the countryside as our e-mtb wind through small paths and back streets. Encounter the rhythm of daily life as we introduce you to a family of rattan weavers, treat your taste buds to sticky rice grilled in bamboo, and engage with a local medicine man.

Rice paddy retreat: Siem Reap hospitality in a local home

The journey concludes amidst picturesque rice paddies, where a local family opens their doors for a refreshing drink and heartfelt conversation. Bid farewell to the countryside, cherishing memories of friendly hosts and cultural immersion. Adventures Cambodia ensures a seamless return to your Siem Reap hotel, completing a day of exploration and connection.

Unforgettable memories and a refreshing breeze

As you zoom through the country, the refreshing breeze will invigorate your senses. The Countryside Life Tour culminates with a leisurely ride back to your hotel or a drop-off at a location of your choice in Siem Reap. Rest assured, we guarantee that your departure will be accompanied not only by a smile but also by a wealth of unforgettable memories.

Frequently asked questions


Our tour commence at 8 a.m., concluding by 2 p.m. We'll pick you up from your hotel at the beginning of the tour and drop you off there afterward.


We limit our booking group to 9 people so you get a truly unique and exclusive experience. If you have a larger group and wish to make it all together just drop us a mail. Privatize all tours if you wish for an extra link here.


We happily welcome children on our tour, but they need 110 cm high minimum for electric bike.


We have selected street vendors, bars and restaurants after a strong process and looking only for the best one. All our partners are like our friends and we use them in our daily life. We go with our kids and invite family there too…


We can still operate our tours in the rain and we provide good raincoat “poncho-style.


1 day in advance, 100% refund
Last-minute cancel or no show no refund

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