Private Siem Reap Food Tour by Jeep



Want to experience Siem Reap’s hidden gems and delicious food? This all-inclusive tour is for you!

Relax and have fun – a driver will take care of everything, so you can focus on the amazing food and culture.


What you’ll get with the Siem Reap Food Tour:

Try unique Cambodian food: Eat delicious Khmer dishes you won’t find at regular restaurants, from street vendors and hidden gems.

Expert guide by your side: Relax, a friendly guide will show you the way and tell you cool facts about Cambodia’s history and food.

Cruise in a stylish vintage jeep: zip around. Come with a driver, so you can focus on the sights and smells.

Eat all you want: Don’t worry about paying extra, all food, and drinks are included on this tour.

Live music: Enjoy Cambodian culture with traditional music while you eat.

Unforgettable night: See why this award-winning tour is loved by travelers – book your spot now!


↣ Pick up at your hotel any time from 5 to 7 PM

↣ First drink at a local rice wine distillery

↣ Discover a local night market where Siem Reapers meet and eat

↣ True Khmer restaurant where locals enjoy food and some old songs

↣ Last drink or cocktail in a traditional bar in Siem Reap center

↣ By 10 PM we drop you back at your hotel


↣ English speaker tour guide

↣ Your own driver

↣ All inclusive

↣ All you can eat

Key points

↣ Explore Siem Reap’s vibrant culinary scene

↣ Indulge in authentic Khmer cuisine

↣ Uncover hidden culinary gems

↣ Learn from local experts

↣ Support local businesses

Watch our video first

In Siem Reap, there's no need to be daunted by the plethora of food options and vendors. Allow us to lead you to the premier spots where you can indulge in genuine Khmer cuisine and unveil some of the city's most well-kept culinary secrets.


Taste Authentic Cambodian Delicacies:

Delight in traditional Khmer dishes at street stalls and savor picnic-style dining in charming, off-the-beaten-path locations. Complement your culinary experience with Cambodian rice wines, a true embodiment of local culinary tradition.

Guided by Experts:

Relax in style as your private driver navigates Siem Reap’s bustling streets. Our professional tour guide will not only introduce you to delectable dishes but also share captivating insights into Cambodia’s rich history.

Select Your Preferred Mode of Transportation

Embark on an Extraordinary Evening. Explore the vibrant Siem Reap food scene with our private After Dark Food Tour. Enjoy the ultimate street food experience in Siem Reap’s captivating night setting.

Vintage Jeep:

Embrace the comfort and style of a vintage jeep for your adventure.

Come with a dedicated driver, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in capturing the stunning nightlife of Siem Reap. Your journey, your preference. If you have your international driving license and feel it, you can even drive the jeep!

Unlimited Gastronomic Delights:

Our acclaimed Food Tour offers all-inclusive drinks and food. Ride safely on our iconic transportation with a vintage jeep, driven by skilled chauffeurs. Immerse yourself in Cambodian life and savor the exquisite flavors of Khmer cuisine.

Musical Enchantment:

Experience the local culture through live musical performances by talented artists. Let the rhythm of Siem Reap enhance the ambiance of your food tour.

See Why We Shine:

Discover why the Siem Reap Food Tour has earned accolades from AsiaLife Magazine and countless satisfied customers. Book your exclusive culinary adventure today!

Discovering the delights of Cambodian cuisine:

Embarking on a culinary journey through the heart of Asian flavors is akin to stumbling upon a well-kept secret in the vast landscape of tastes. Often underestimated on the global stage, Khmer dishes embody the true spirit of local goodness. Picture freshwater fish sourced from the Tonlé Sap, the sweetness of palm sugar harvested from Siem Reap’s iconic sugar palm trees, rice noodles cultivated within Cambodia, the kick of spicy Kampot pepper, and a burst of freshness from locally foraged herbs.

The distinctive flavor of Cambodian cuisine:

It finds its roots in the unique local characteristics, making it a genuine and authentic experience best enjoyed right here in the Kingdom. Each dish unfolds a narrative woven with the threads of Cambodia’s rich history and the diverse influences that shape this captivating country.

Embrace the ultimate after dark food adventure:

Even for the most daring explorers, navigating the realm of the tastiest treats in the Kingdom of Wonder and pinpointing where to relish them can be a bit of a puzzle. Enter the Siem Reap After Dark Food Tour—an answer to uncertainty when it comes to embracing culinary adventures in Cambodia’s cultural hub. Acting as your reliable guide, we’ll steer you towards our favored vendors and restaurants. Armed with a profound understanding of the cuisine and the country, we’ll unfold the charm of Cambodia, its people, and its mouthwatering cuisine—all from the comfort of a vintage military Jeep.

Revealing Cambodia’s culinary wonders with confidence:

Immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture, accompanied by musical performances from talented local artists. The rhythm of Siem Reap comes alive with music, enhancing the atmosphere of your food tour.

Frequently asked questions


Our tour commence at 6 p.m., concluding by 10 p.m. We'll pick you up from your hotel at the beginning of the tour and drop you off there afterward.


This is your private tour, so the number of people will be only your group. If you have a very large group, drop us a message, we will be happy to reply quickly.


We happily welcome children on our tour, offering them a more engaging experience. The kids aged 4 to 12 get an automatic 30% off, and babies can join for free.


We have selected street vendors, bars and restaurants after a strong process and looking only for the best one. All our partners are like our friends and we use them in our daily life. We go with our kids and invite family there too…


We can still operate our tours in the rain and we provide good raincoat “poncho-style.


1 day in advance, 100% refund
Last-minute cancel or no show no refund

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