Private Siem Reap Countryside by Vespa



You’ll travel through the beautiful Siem Reap countryside with a local guide.

Explore hidden villages and see how people live in Cambodia. This tour starts early to enjoy the peaceful morning atmosphere near Angkor Wat.


Escape the crowds! See unique places off the beaten path.

Meet friendly locals! Chat with them and learn about their lives.

Discover Cambodia’s countryside! Take a stroll through charming villages and see hidden treasures.

Learn about Khmer culture! Witness traditional palm juice making, visit a peaceful pagoda, and explore a local market.

Enjoy a relaxing journey! Choose your ride – a vintage jeep or a trendy Vespa – with a professional driver.

Savor delicious food! Enjoy a traditional Khmer lunch at a private farm after your tour.

This is your chance to ditch the tourist traps and experience the real Cambodia!


↣ Choose your time from 7:00 to 9:00 am

↣ First stop at a local farm

↣ Discover a local traditional pharmacy

↣ Stop at a local market and experience the true Khmer spirit

↣ Experience the water hyacinth handicraft house

↣ Embark on a journey to a pagoda for sightseeing, a meaningful blessing ceremony

↣ Delightful lunch and drinks at a private farm picnic

↣ See the sticky rice bamboo and visit a family

↣ 2:30 pm we drop you back at your hotel (depends on the pickup time)


↣ English speaker tour guide

↣ Your own driver

↣ All inclusive

↣ Typical Khmer lunch

Key points

↣ Every day

↣ Pick up at your hotel

↣ Drop off at your hotel

↣ We drive you enjoy

↣ This is not a shopping tour 😉

Watch our video first

Explore Siem Reap's countryside with us! Discover charming spots, savor authentic Khmer cuisine, and uncover hidden gems. Let nature enchant you without overwhelm. Join the journey for unforgettable moments in rural Siem Reap!


Your Premium Countryside Adventure:

We escort you to exclusive destinations beyond the common tourist routes. Engage with the warm-hearted locals, unveil concealed marvels, and relish the invigorating breeze while traveling with us. Anticipate an unforgettable adventure that stands out as one of Cambodia’s most unparalleled experiences.

  • Take a stroll through the charming Siem Reap countryside with our friendly Cambodian guide.
  • Witness Traditional Palm Juice Making: Watch farmers climb tall palm trees to harvest juice.
  • Experience Serene Pagoda Life: Visit a peaceful pagoda, away from the crowds.
  • Discover an Authentic Khmer Market: Explore a local market with traditional goods.
  • Learn About Khmer Medicine: Stop at a local pharmacy to explore traditional medicine.
  • Meet Friendly Locals: Chat with local people and learn about their lives.
  • Find Hidden Treasures: See unique places in the pagoda, including the art of basket weaving and traditional Khmer dessert making.
  • Enjoy the Fresh Breeze: Feel the cool wind as you explore the countryside.

Note: We don’t go shopping; we only visit traditional homes

A Truly Unique and Private Tour

Escape the masses of tourists and immerse yourself in the essence of Cambodia’s countryside morning life. Engage with Cambodians, gaining firsthand insights into their daily routines and how they sustain themselves in rural areas. Our morning tour unveils an exceptional glimpse into the extraordinary rural life of Cambodia, far from the well-trodden paths. Discover one of the finest activities in Siem Reap, a premium experience away from the conventional tourist routes.

Choose Your Preferred Mode of Transportation

As a guest on our private tour, the choice is yours. Select your preferred mode of transportation to enhance your journey:

  • Vintage Jeep: Opt for a comfortable and stylish vintage jeep.
  • Trendy Vespa: Choose the trendy Vespa for a local ride.
  • Professional Drivers: Both options include a dedicated driver, leaving you free to focus on capturing the beauty of the countryside. Your journey, your choice.

Experience the Charms of Countryside Morning Life

Immerse yourself in the rhythms of rural Cambodia. From witnessing the gathering of sugar palm juice to savoring exotic local fruits, our knowledgeable guides will introduce you to the locals, providing a unique glimpse into Khmer life. As we journey through the historic heart of Cambodia, we invite you to witness the ongoing restoration of a remarkable temple, a captivating relic of the Khmer Empire. To conclude the tour, we’ll bring you to our private farm, where you’ll savor a traditional Khmer lunch with refreshing beverages while taking in the idyllic countryside view.

Guided by Experts, Driven by Professionals

Rest assured, you’ll be accompanied by our team of professional tour guides who are deeply passionate about sharing their in-depth knowledge of Cambodia’s rich history and culture. Our skilled drivers will ensure your comfort and safety throughout the journey, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the premium experience.

Discovering countryside wonders: Vespa or Jeep expeditions into Khmer heritage.

Frequently asked questions


As this tour is private you can let us know your prefer pick up time but usualy we start at 8 am. We'll pick you up from your hotel at the beginning of the tour and drop you off there afterward.


This is your private tour, so the number of people will be only your group. If you have a very large group, drop us a message, we will be happy to reply quickly.


We happily welcome children on our tour, offering them a more engaging experience. The kids aged 4 to 12 get an automatic 30% off, and below 4 can join for free.


We have selected street vendors, bars and restaurants after a strong process and looking only for the best one. All our partners are like our friends and we use them in our daily life. We go with our kids and invite family there too…


We can still operate our tours in the rain and we provide good raincoat “poncho-style.


1 day in advance, 100% refund
Last-minute cancel or no show no refund

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