Privatif Angkor au lever du soleil en Vespa




You’ll witness Angkor Wat come alive at sunrise, bathed in magical light!

Want to go beyond the basic tour? Our private tours are led by local guides who know the secrets of Angkor Wat. They’ll take you to hidden spots and share amazing stories, making your Angkor Wat experience unforgettable.

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What’s in it for you: See Angkor Wat at sunrise in style and comfort!

See the amazing Angkor Wat at sunrise, with fewer crowds.

Explore by Vespa (motor scooter) for a fun ride with drivers.

Get a personal guide to explain the history and culture.

Enjoy a delicious breakfast after sunrise.

Visit other incredible temples like Bayon and Ta Prohm.

Skip crowded areas and see hidden gems along the way.

Have a relaxing and unforgettable experience!


↣ Pick-up: 4:45 AM Angkor Wat

↣ Tonle Om Gate

↣ Bayon Temple

↣ Breakfast in a private house

↣ Porte de Khmoth (Porte des Morts)

↣ Ta Prohm

↣ Return to your hotel


↣ English-speaking tour guide

↣ Votre propre chauffeur

↣ All-inclusive

↣ Lunch

↣ Boissons à volonté

✕ Pass à acheter séparément

Key points

↣ Unwind at Angkor Wat, guided by experts. Leave the crowds behind, embrace the ancient magic.

↣ Beyond Angkor Wat’s glory, hidden wonders await. Your personal guide curates your journey, igniting your exploration.

↣ Rise and shine with a personalized breakfast. We cater to your unique cravings and dietary whispers.

↣ Delve deeper on a private tour. Unearth Cambodian culture and traditions, woven into every vibrant thread.

↣ Local history unfolds through expert stories. Our seasoned guides unlock Angkor’s secrets, knowledge like whispered echoes.

↣ Embrace local smiles. Choose souvenirs that ripple through the community, painting joy on Cambodian faces.


Experience the Unforgettable Angkor Wat Sunrise

Why Choose Our Premium Angkor Wat Sunrise Tour?

Experience the majesty of Angkor Wat at sunrise on this exclusive tour, led by experienced and knowledgeable guides. Enjoy personalized attention as you explore the world’s largest religious monument and other breathtaking temples in the Angkor Archaeological Park.

Your unforgettable adventure begins with an early morning pickup from your hotel in Siem Reap. Travel in stile with a trendy Vespa to Angkor Wat Temple. Arriving in time to witness the breathtaking sunrise. After capturing this magical moment, embark on a guided tour of the Angkor itself, learning about its fascinating history and culture.

After a delicious breakfast, you will continue your journey to the majestic South Gate of Angkor Thom, where you will marvel at the renowned Bayon. Adorned with 216 serene faces, this temple is a testament to the artistic brilliance of the Khmer Empire.

Passing by the Terrace of Elephants and the Terrace of Leper King, two awe-inspiring royal monuments. Next, you will visit Ta Prohm Temple, known as the “jungle temple” for its lush vegetation and ancient trees that embrace the ruins.

Throughout your tour, your knowledgeable guide will regale you with the rich historical tapestry of the Angkor Temples and the Khmer Empire, expertly illuminating the intricate architectural masterpieces that grace the Angkor landscape.

An Unmatched Experience with unmatched style

Experience an unparalleled adventure with the best way of transportation and a meticulously designed route. Unlike buses and tuk-tuks, we offer flexibility and agility, allowing us to explore hidden treasures and bypass congested areas. Immerse yourself in the genuine essence of the Angkor Wat sunrise, crafting memories that will endure a lifetime.

Explore Angkor, open-air or open-road:

Traverse iconic sights in by vespa for alternative transport to delve deeper into the forest mysteries. Include your personal driver, ready to whisk you on an unforgettable journey.

Additional Tour Highlights

Delve into the iconic Bayon and Ta Prohm temples, while catching glimpses of rural life in the Angkor region. We’ll guide you to cultural treasures that should not be overlooked. As food enthusiasts, we have thoughtfully chosen one of the finest spots near Angkor Wat where you can savour a delightful local or western breakfast. This exclusive tour is meticulously designed to offer a personalized and immersive encounter, far from the typical tourist crowds.

Angkor Wat:

Dévoilez la plus grande merveille religieuse du monde, un joyau de l'UNESCO dédié à Vishnu, puis à l'étreinte du bouddhisme. Admirez une architecture à couper le souffle et des sculptures d'une finesse infinie. (Découvrez en exclusivité notre Visite Premium)

Angkor Thom:

Step into the ancient royal city, guarded by Bayon’s enigmatic faces, the majestic Terrace of Elephants, and the Khmoth Gate’s secrets. Discover history on our intimate private tour.

Ta Prohm:

Where jungle whispers against ancient stones, explore Ta Prohm’s captivating embrace. Majestic silk-cotton trees and strangler figs entwine with stunning carvings, revealing Khmer artistry. (Premium Tour Must-See)

Journey beyond ordinary, immerse yourself in Angkor’s vibrant culture and history. Book your private Angkor adventure today.

Book your exclusive Angkor sunrise tour today and experience the magic of this ancient wonder for yourself.

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Our tour commence at 4.35 a.m., concluding by 12 (noon). We'll pick you up from your hotel at the beginning of the tour and drop you off there afterward


This is a private tour. If you have a larger group and wish to make it all together just drop us a mail.


Nous sommes ravis d'accueillir les enfants lors de notre visite, ce qui leur permettra d'avoir une expérience enrichissante. Les enfants âgés de 4 à 12 ans bénéficient d'une réduction automatique de 30 % et les bébés peuvent venir gratuitement.


Nous avons sélectionné des vendeurs ambulants, des bars et des restaurants après un processus rigoureux et en recherchant uniquement le meilleur. Tous nos partenaires sont comme nos amis et nous les utilisons dans notre vie quotidienne. Nous y allons avec nos enfants et y invitons la famille aussi…

ET SI IL pleut ?

Nous pouvons toujours opérer nos circuits sous la pluie et nous fournissons un bon imperméable de type poncho.


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